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Rafting in the Soča valley is one of those active trips that simply must be ticked off your adventure list. The most popular rafting route on the river Soča is 8 km long and runs from the bridge near Boka waterfall to Trnovo ob Soči. The first gentle rapids of the river Soča accompany the rowing team with a guide, followed by more demanding parts of the river. 

Rafting on the river Soča takes 2–3 hours. There are no special skills required for rafting except swimming.


In the peak season rafting/mini raft are available every day at 8:30, 12:00 and 16:00. During the low season you can decide between 9:00, 12:00 or 16:00. For a more adrenaline ride we recommend to visit the valley in the spring and autumn time due to the higher water level of the Soča river.

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Boka-Trnovo (8 km) is the most classic route with easy as well as more challenging rapids. The starting point in good water conditions is at entry point near Boka waterfall. In the summer months, due to the lower water level, the trip starts in Srpenica I (2 km south). The descent starts in a calmer section and in 1,5 h rafting adventure you experience also rapids level IV. On the way we stop for jumping, swimming, raft sliding ending our adventure in Trnovo.

PRICE: 45€ per person/low season

            51€ per person/high season

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Miniraft is the perfect activity if you wish to experience the adrenalin whitewater adventure in double. Let the flow take you on the Boka-Trnovo section. Miniraft is a smaller version of a rafting boat which can carry 2 people plus a guide. The difference is the smaller size of the boat, which allows us to be closer to the river flow and feel the power of the river rapids more intensely, and also in the way we sit. In classic rafting we sit on the side of the boat, and in mini rafting we kneel at the bottom of the boat.

PRICE: 66€ per person

What to know before the trip?


Adrenaline rafting tour: duration - 2,5h to 3h, on the river 1,5h, PRICE: 51€ per person (high season)/45€ per pesron (low season)

Mini raft: duration - 2,5h to 3h, on the river 1,5h, PRICE: 66€ per person

What's included in the price: professional equipment, licenced professional guides, transportation and free photos from the trip

What you need: bathing suit, towel, dry clothes to change after the trip!

Who can’t attend the rafting trip? Pregnant women, people shorter than 120cm, people with mobility impairments, people with back problems and other psychophysical injuries, non-swimmers, people under the influence of drugs or alcohol!